Goal of the Wildlife and Ecosystem Research Cell, University of Chitral


Research based conservation and management of wildlife and associated ecosystems leading to a sustainable mountain ecosystem and improved socio-economic conditions of the communities around the wild habitats.


1. Identify, prioritize and carry out research activities pertaining to wildlife conservation and associated ecosystem.
2. Publication and dissemination of research, conservation and other related activities focused on wildlife biodiversity and ecosystem research.
3. Provide a platform for wider stakeholder consultations and representations in the conservation and management of wildlife in the high-altitude areas.
4. Educate, aware and sensitize the students, academia and general public about wildlife and ecosystem.
5. Facilitate and coordinate research activities with different stakeholders both national and international.
6. Capacity building and training of the academia, professionals and students in the field of wildlife research, monitoring and management.
7. Provision of trained human resource with advanced and emerging techniques in wildlife research.
8. Guide informed policy and decision making by government and non-governmental organizations regarding wildlife biodiversity and their ecosystem.
9. Carry out environmental impact assessment of developmental projects in the region, and guide biodiversity and environment friendly development.